Additional Education and Training Opportunities at PORTS

OU provided facilities for and sponsored training covering technical software packages used in support of the PORTS’ environmental cleanup mission or topics facilitating the completion of the PORTS’ environmental cleanup mission. Examples of software packages are the Visual Sampling Program (VSP), the Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) program, and the Residual Radiation (RESRAD) programs. An example of a topic is the basis for and implementation of requirements of the Multiagency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM) and its associated technical guidance. Participants at the training sessions were personnel from DOE, DOE contractors, regulatory agencies, and the public.

Principal Investigators

Stephanie Howe and Ani Ruhil


None at this time

3.5 Day VSP Training Course

Ohio University Campus in Athens, Ohio, Building 22, The Ridges

January 10- January 13, 2012

3.5 Day General and Advanced VSP Course:

Sponsored by The U.S. Department of Energy-HS and Ohio University, this course will be provided by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and it will include a review of systematic planning principles, statistical concepts, VSP maps/options/ maneuvering procedures, and an introduction to the most used sampling design options through a series of hands-on case studies. The advanced section will cover geostatistical mapping and estimation methods, well spatial and temporal redundancy analysis, analyte redundancy analysis, multi-increment sampling, within-building sampling for chem/bio/rad/hazardous constituents, radiological survey design and analysis, control charts, item sampling, dealing with non-detects, and an optional introduction to the VSP-UXO modules. No previous VSP experience required.

VSP Background Information:

VSP is a software tool for determining the right number and locations of samples or surveys and performing statistical assessments to support confident decisions. With a user base of over 5000 users and sponsored by DOE, EPA, DoD, CDC, UK-AWE and DHS, VSP is becoming the environmental sampling design and statistical analysis system of choice endorsed by regulators and many stakeholders. Methods are available for sampling of soils, water, groundwater, sediments, buildings, wells, items, and unexploded ordnance sites. Each of these courses will use VSP 6.1 or higher. Due to the nature of these very hands-on courses, seating is limited to 30 per course.