ASER 1 – Development and Publishing of a PORTS Annual Site Environmental Report Summary

OU will sponsor and help develop an Annual Site Environmental Report (ASER) Summary utilizing staff and students from a local high school. This ASER Summary will be tailored after a similar report produced by DOE’s Oak Ridge Operations. The ASER Summary shall utilize information found in the most recent ASER released publically by PORTS and presentation materials (e.g., tables and figures) developed by the high school staff and students. The goals when producing the ASER Summary will be to educate regional high school students about activities and opportunities at the PORTS site and develop materials that will facilitate area residents learning more about DOE’s work at the PORTS site. Although funding will be available for a single year’s summary under this grant period, OU will carry-out this task with the expectation that this will become an annual project for the selected local high school.

For the 2011-2012 school year the ASER Project engaged the students of Piketon High School in Piketon, OH.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Lesli Johnson and Margaret Hutzel