Task Environment and Energy – A Comparative Analysis of Socio-Economic Indicators in Southern Ohio

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PORTS) near Piketon, Ohio has been an important economic player in the Pike, Scioto, Ross, and Jackson County area for many years. This fact has likely impacted the region’s socio-economic profile.

As the PORTS site is decommissioned, it is expected that this transition period will lead to further changes in the region’s socio-economic profile including both socio-economic stress as well as growth opportunities for the four-county area. The extent to which decision-makers can minimize transitional stress and maximize the economic prospects for the area hinges upon the diagnostics of the peculiarities, bottlenecks and comparative advantages of the study area.

Under this task, OU developed a study that is descriptive in nature and provides a statistical portrait and a socio-economic analysis of the four-county region. Specifically, it examines local economic variables from a historical (inter-temporal) as well as cross-sectional perspective. In particular, the study concentrates on economic variables such as personal income, employment, government transfers and tax revenues, demographic variables such as population and family composition, and quality of life variables such as health indicators.

Principal Investigators

Ariaster Chimeli


– Draft work plan
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– Final electronic version of report in PDF format

The draft report shall be provided to DOE for a factual accuracy review prior to public release. The final report shall be available on the project’s website,