Site Analysis and Economic Suitability Study for PORTS

The completed PORTSfuture Report presented information considering the political and sociological aspects of the region. This included identification of the top-ranked community-created scenarios that emerged from the public preference voting.

Under this task, OU collaborated with the site contractor regarding FFE Consultants’ work that outlined a potential reindustrialization area within PORTS’ Perimeter Road and produced a report and materials that will integrate those results with those in completed PORTSfuture Report. The goal of the task was to provide data to asset in the identification of target industries and/or governmental activities that would be well suited for the PORTS reservation.

Factors to consider included the skills mix of the regional work force (e.g., extensive experience in highly-regulated environment, nuclear operations, recycling, safety and security, etc.) as well as the skills that will be required within redevelopment options for the site.

Specific recommendations were developed related to future infrastructure decisions. In particular, how those decisions aligned with target industry utility needs, including water, power, sewage, steam, air, nitrogen, fire protection, and other considerations. This report served as a basis for local planning efforts and future site redevelopment strategies.

Principal Investigators

Vlad Pascal, Ani Ruhil and Steve Porter


– Draft work plan
– Final work plan
– Draft electronic version of report in PDF format
– Final electronic version of report in PDF format