PORTSfuture follow-up discussions/roundtables/panels with the public at large in four-county area

Based upon the community preferences for possible future-uses and the voting results in the final PORTSfuture Report, several of the future-use alternatives for the PORTS site included facility remodeling and/or facility construction components. This task focuses on integrating the results of the public preference voting with the overall plan for the future of the site. These activities are integrated and coordinated with DOE, SSAB, SODI, site contractors, and any entrepreneurship and economic development initiatives that OU executes in relation to the DOE grant.

Under this task, OU is developing activities in conjunction with project stakeholders including DOE, SSAB, FBP, and SODI that assist in defining infrastructure and site characteristics needed to support pursuing implementation of community-preferred future-use scenarios.

Activities under this task will consider local input gathered under the PORTSfuture Community Visioning and voting process that includes interests of residents, businesses, and economic development entities in the four-county region. These activities may include facilitated panel discussions/roundtables/consultations with entities such as DOE National Laboratories, other subject matter experts and consultants in this substantive area.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

– Examining the employment of green technologies in economic development.
– Identifying green technology/renewable energy resources as applied to future-use development of the site.
– Reducing carbon footprints in economic development.
– Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified approaches for construction and operation of high performance green facilities.
– Other.


– Draft summary reports on panel discussions/roundtables/consultations and event attendance
– Final summary reports on panel discussions/roundtables/consultations and event attendance
– Draft report on task activities
– Final report on task activities