PORTS Habitat Resource Inventory/Habitat Suitability Modeling Report

Video Description

This video provides an overview of the Habitat Resource Inventory in the PORTS facility in Piketon, Ohio. The HRI characterizes habitats that existed within the study area on the PORTS reservation and adjacent property owners within one mile of Perimeter Road. The study was completed over two summers in 2011 and 2012.

Project Description

Under this 2-year task, Ohio University compiled a fully georeferenced database from DOE, state, and public sources; completed a data gap analysis of the georeferenced data; and create a detailed land cover map of the PORTS site, including a 1-mile buffer around the site. Ohio University assumed that access to the site GIS was provided. Upon completion of database development and analysis, Ohio University used this information as inputs into a habitat suitability model to demonstrate the utility of the data. The data and results of the suitability model were provided to DOE for their use in site remediation and planning activities.

Deliverables included: 1) A fully georeferenced database compatible with the current PORTS’ Data Warehouse/Graphical Information System; 2) A report summarizing data gaps in the georeferenced data; 3) a land-cover map compatible with the current PORTS’ Data Warehouse/Graphical Information System; and 4) draft and final report containing the Site-Wide Wildlife Habitat Resource Inventory and Results of Habitat Suitability modeling 5) a summary of public involvement on the Task. The georeferenced database and land-cover map were provided electronically to DOE for incorporation into the PORTS’ Data Warehouse/Graphical Information System.

The data gap report was provided electronically to DOE for use by the PORTS’ Data Warehouse/Graphical Information System Project Team. Additionally, Ohio University participated in meetings of the Project Team to discuss the report findings. The final Habitat Resource Inventory and Habitat Suitability Modeling document was available on the project’s website, The draft report was provided to DOE for a factual accuracy review prior to public release.

Principal Investigator Bios

Gary Conley
Gary Conley joined the Voinovich School in 2006. Gary specializes in field operations for ecological assessment, including ecological response to disturbance and deposition of pollutions. He works in collaboration with the OHIO EPA, USEPA and the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP). Gary holds a bachelor’s degree in Specialized Studies from University College and a master’s degree in Geography from Ohio University. He also holds an Environmental Studies Certificate.

David Simon
Dave Simon has worked with Geographic Information Systems for 12 years at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs as Data and GIS Specialist, followed by a promotion to GIS Manager. His current position is Facilities Planner at Ohio University. In this position he uses GIS to inventory and analyze indoor and outdoor space for the University’s main and branch campuses. Dave utilizes GIS software to analyze, organize and gather geographic data for a number of applications, including environmental, civic, economic, and demographic. He has worked on utilizing the newest technology to create on-line interactive web mapping systems as well as analytical and communicative print maps. Dave received a Bachelor of Science in Conservation from Kent State University and a Master of Science in Environmental Studies at Ohio University.

Jennifer Bowman
Jen Bowman manages the Voinovich School’s Environmental Management Program involving staff and students in watershed research including chemical water quality data analysis, interpretation and report writing for various projects as part of the Appalachian Watershed Research Group at Ohio University. Jen developed and manages an online database management system for area watershed groups and has done extensive research in acid mine drainage, water quality characterization and restoration.

Dr. Natalie Kruse
Natalie Kruse is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies in the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs. Dr. Kruse holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and Geosciences from Newcastle University, and a B.S. in Civil Engineering with a minor in Geological Sciences from Ohio University. She completed her post-doctoral research for the Sir Joseph Swan Institute for Energy Research at Newcastle University.