Environmental Education

STEM activities developed by OU are offered onsite in classrooms in Pike, Scioto, Ross, and Jackson counties. We have created a body of work around renewable energy and the Internet of Things/smart technology, with other topics to be developed, that translates across ages and grades. Working with local teachers, we are able to tailor single class period session to their curriculum needs and interests. Hands-on activities augment these programs when possible. Career pathway discussions are integrated into programs for middle and high school students. Connections have been made through the Appalachian Green Teachers Conference, the Ohio STEM Learning Network, ASER, and numerous regional schools to schedule these sessions.

Also being offered are watershed education lesson plans for middle school and high school students about water quality, physical features of lakes and streams, acid mine drainage, analyzing chemical and biological data, and collecting water quality data as a citizen scientist. Lesson plans target high school and middle school audiences, and have been adapted for elementary school as well.


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