Development and Publishing of a PORTS Annual Site Environmental Report Summary (ASER 3)

Under this task, OU sponsored and help develop an Annual Site Environmental Report
(ASER) Summary utilizing staff and students from Eastern Local High School in Pike County. This ASER Summary was tailored after a similar report produced by DOE’s Oak Ridge Operations and the ASER 1 and ASER 2 Summaries produced by students at Pike County high schools for PPPO in FY12 and FY 13.

The ASER Summary utilizes information found in the most recent ASER released publically by PORTS and presentation materials (e.g., tables and figures) developed by the high school staff and students. The goals when producing the ASER Summary are to educate regional high school students about activities and opportunities at the PORTS site and develop materials that will facilitate area residents learning more about DOE’s work at the PORTS site. Video testimonials of participants were captured to document their experiences.

Project Milestones/Tasks

Deliverables include:
– Draft Annual ASER 3 Summary Report that can be reviewed for factual accuracy prior to public release
– Final Annual ASER 3 Summary Report that can be released to the public
– Final Annual ASER 3 Summary Report shall be made available on the project’s website,, and as paper copies (20)

Principal Investigators

Dr. Lesli Johnson and Margaret Hutzel


Eastern Local High School 2013-2014 academic year


The ASER Project – Community Engagement with the Portsmouth Facility, Eastern Local School District Academic Year 2013-2014