Site Re-purposing for the PORTS site

Based upon the community preferences for possible future-uses voting results in the final PORTSfuture Report, this task focuses on integrating the results of the public preference voting with the overall plan for the future of the site. These activities are integrated and coordinated with DOE, SSAB, site contractors, SODI, and any STEM initiatives that OU executes in relation to the grant.

Under this task, OU is part of a collaborative team engaged in a data-driven process to identify viable industries to target for site reuse and identify marketing tools aimed at potential future users at PORTS. These tools might include presentations, videos, brochures, online resources, and other media that have been successfully utilized in other development initiatives. Topics to be addressed may include, but not be limited to, short-term and long-term development opportunities that can occur in coordination with the D&D project, a time-phased depiction of when property transfer from the department to the community can occur (including maps and schedules), and the comparative advantage of low-cost property for industries in comparison to costs of similar property elsewhere. The unique assets that exist at PORTS will be illustrated, including:

- Access to wholesale power market.
- On-site/local access to major highway/rail systems.
- Accessibility to excellent water resources.
- Central location in United States.
- Geological stability.

Principal Investigators

Stephanie Howe


Final Site Repurposing 3161 Final Report.pdf
Meeting with Regional Economic Development Professionals.pdf
Summary of Potential Energy Related Programs/Projects at PORTS Campus.pdf
Public Private Partnerships (P3s) in the US.pdf
PORTSfuture Energy Sector PORTS Campus White Paper.pdf
Grant Year 2 Report- Site Repurposing Continuation and Ongoing Technical Assistance, Public Outreach, Education, and Engagement for Property Transfer and Future Use

PORTS Collaborative Site Repurposing Flow chart.pdf
Industry Analysis Template.pdf
The Road To Energy Production at PORTS.pdf
Site Repurposing Group Graphic.pdf
Site Repurposing Group Next Steps Graphic.pdf
PORTS Collaborative Site Repurposing Reindustrialization Flow Chart.pdf

Data base of brownfield comparisons
Data Dashboard
IES Core Industries Economic Impact Analysis
IES Core Industries Workforce Analysis
Economic and Workforce Impact Analysis for Proposed Tier 2 Integrated Energy System (IES) Industries at PORTS
- PORTS Site Assets Infrastructure Overview
- PORTS Site Assets Electric Grid
- Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Facility
- Petroleum Refinery

Regional Assets Maps
PORTS Concept Map
Regional Industrial Parks

What is an IES_PORTSFutureVideoDraft2.pdf