Expedited Field Survey &Sampling Techniques for Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Congeners and Dioxins: Graphical Information System (GIS) Mapping of PCB Congeners and Dioxins in Sediments and Soils: Preliminary Assessment of Sediments on the PORTS Site


OU will develop expedited field survey and sampling techniques for PCB congeners and dioxins; develop an approach for graphical information system mapping of PCB congener and dioxin occurrence in sediment and soil; and conduct a preliminary assessment of PCB congener and dioxin presence and fate, including geochemical transformation (i.e., “aging”), in sediments and soil at the PORTS site. This project will use an appropriate location, such as the X-533 Switch Yard, as a test bed for the expedited survey and sampling techniques. The expedited sampling and analytical technique shall be verified using split-sample results from a qualified third-party laboratory. The information developed will be summarized in draft and final reports and be made available as an electronic database. In addition, OU will conduct briefings with OEPA as part of this project to explain the methods developed and encourage the use of results from field sampling techniques in environmental decision-making at the PORTS site. OU will ensure that OEPA is pursued as a Task Team member for this task.

Principal Investigators
Dr. Glen Jackson, Dr. Dina Lopez, Jennifer Bowman, and  Dr. Natalie Kruse


PCB Survey and Sampling_Task 8.pdf
Quarterly Meeting - PCB Cogeners and Dioxins_9_27_11.pdf

Expedited Field Survey & Sampling Techniques for Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Congeners and Dioxins.pdf

Preliminary Assessment of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (Pcbs) Congeners, Aroclors, Dioxins, and Furans in the Sediment and Soil at the United States Department of Energy (Doe) Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (Ports), Piketon, Ohio.pdf

Database available at: Library and Links / Documents / Databases / PCB_Deliverable