Groundwater: Site-Wide Groundwater Model Review and Verification and Regulatory Requirement Review


OU will perform a review of the current site-wide groundwater model for the PORTS site. After review and verification of the current site-wide groundwater model, OU shall use the site-wide groundwater model in conjunction with georeferenced historical sampling data to investigate: 1) Surface water – groundwater interaction on site, specifically focused on the effects of operating pump and treat systems; 2) Site-wide fate and transport of groundwater contamination in the subsurface, focusing on inorganic chemical and radionuclide contamination; and 3) Interaction between DOE pump-and-treat wells and private wells offsite. Concurrent with the aforementioned review and verification of the groundwater model, OU will conduct a review of regulatory requirements for cleanup of groundwater at Brownfield sites across the state of Ohio, specifically focusing on required cleanup levels in relation to background groundwater quality. Conclusions from the review of regulatory requirements will be used to examine suitability of cleanup decisions, including cleanup levels for groundwater, made at DOE sites in Ohio. The task team will evaluate potentially ecologically significant secondary problems associated with PORTS site remediation, thereby providing information that allows DOE to minimize resource damages or remediate damages.

Principal Investigator
Dr. Natalie Kruse and Jennifer Bowman

None at this time

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