Video and Photographic Documentation of Existing Public Perceptions at PORTS


In cooperation and consultation with the Site Specific Advisory Board the Voinovich School is developing video and photographic documentation that will foster greater understanding of past, present, and future conditions at the PORTS site. The primary objectives of the documentary and the complimentary photographic essay are to capture oral histories of the site and to illustrate the current public engagement process as it relates to the ongoing cleanup of the PORTS site. The documentary (approximately 20-minute in length) and photographic essays will allow the Department of Energy to showcase the model of community participation that guides the end state vision process at PORTS. This model encompasses the entire end state visioning process, including but not limited to, public meetings, outreach to local communities via different media formats and events, and the visioning teams in Jackson, Pike, Ross, and Scioto counties.

Principal Investigator
Casey Hayward


Video Documentary_Task 1

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